Annegude Vinayaka Temple


Annegude Vinayaka Temple - Kumbashi


Anegudde is one of the seven places of pilgrimage in the region called 'Parashurama Srishti' which are believed to be created by sage Parashurama. Anegudde means Elephant (Aane) Hillock (Gudde) and it is the abode of the Elephant God, Sri Vinayaka. The name of the place is said to be derived from Kumbhasura who was slain here. Inscriptions mention this place as Kumbha-Kashi. .

The main sanctum sanctorum contains the majestic figure of Vinayaka resplendent in Silver Armour, in standing posture. Out of the four arms, two are "Varada Hasta" indicating his inclination to grant boons. Other two hands point towards his feet, as a means to salvation. The Temple of Mahalingeshwara is surrounded by a lake and pooja is offered to a shallow water in which Water from the Bhagirathi (Ganga) is said to collect. The right side of the lake is called Surya-Pushkarini and the left-side the Chandra-Pushkarini.

Kadabu seva is the special pooja here. Daily Modak seva is offered to god. Likewise pooja's are Mahalinga Pooja, 1000 coconut Mooduganapathy Seva and Panchakajjaya Seva. On Ganesh Chaturthi (the 4th day after the full moon) of every lunar month, special poojas are held at the temple. Sankashta Chaturthi is also celebrated with great devotion. The car festival of this temple is held during first week of every December.