Trasi Maravanthe Beach


Trasi Maravanthe Beach - Maravanthe


Trasi Maravanthe beach is one of the most strikingly beautiful, mesmerising places on the earth. There are quite a lot of beaches in this world which boast of clear and colourful waters, but Trasi beach holds no comparison to them. The reason why this beach strikes out all of its competitors is because, not only is the water and the sand clean and crisp, but also the surrounding scene is so alluring that one just cannot take their eyes off!.

The distinctive feature of this place is where you see the national highway separating the two water bodies. On the western side of the highway is the Trasi Maravanthe beach, while on the eastern side you can see the elegantly flowing river Sowparnika!. All this among gently swaying green palm trees rustling in the sea breeze to make their presence felt.

The best time to visit Trasi beach is from October - January. The summer months are unbearable hot, making it difficult to wander for a long time. The monsoons in this region are quite heavy. The sea as well as the river swell up as much as that they submerge the highway, rendering it almost inaccessible!

Trasi beach is also a great option for water sports. Go snorkelling or scuba diving to enjoy the myriad colour's of the underwaters!. The stunning coral formations and the mysticism of marine life welcoming you into the sea world is truly an unforgettable experience!. The gentle waves invites many swimmers - amateurs as well as experts. A peaceful promenade along the stretch melts away all the stress. Tourists from abroad enjoy sun bathing at this pristine beach. You can enjoy this beach in whatever manner it pleases you.

This very long stretch of beautiful beach along NH 17 with its clean white sand offers a beautiful view of the Arabian sea on the west and Sauparnika river with the background of Kodachadri hills on the other side. A drive along the beach would be a memorable experience especially during the sun set. beach, cottages, Spa, sea and back water boat riding, snorkelling and Scuba diving facilities are provided by the private operators.