Coin Museum Corp Bank


Coin Museum Corp Bank - Udupi


Showcasing old coins to the present day financial inclusion initiatives of the Government will be the focus area for improving the founder's house of Corporation Bank in Udupi.

The bank has converted the house of the founder president of the bank, Mr Haji Abdullah Saheb, into a heritage museum. The aim of the bank is to make the heritage museum a "financial temple" for the people visiting the temple town of Udupi.

The heritage museum provides information about banking history since its inception in 1906. Two exhibit stands or blocks focus on coins of Ancient India and one on coins of Medieval India. The employee of the bank, Mr Radhakrishna Kumble, who has put 25 years of his coin collection on display at the museum, said around 1,360 coins of different periods and different countries are on display at the museum. Coins belonging to dynasties such as Mauryas, Kushanas, Satavahanas, Western Kshatraps, Guptas, and coins issued by Mughal Emperors such as Akbar, Jahangir, Shahjahan and Aurangzeb, Vijaynagara rulers, Maratha Confederacy and East India Company are on display at the museum. The current market value of these coins will be around Rs 42 lakh.