End Point Sunset


End Point Sunset - Manipal


Manipal city is well known for its prominent academic institutes. It is a city with quite a good number of tourists attraction. The geographical location of Manipal renders it a scenic place.

Located strategically at the edge of the cliff, this place is aptly called the End Point. Locally, it is also known as Sunset point and Suicide Point too. Tourist flock this point for the magnificent view it has to offer. Standing at this point one can experience nature in its pristine form. Surrounded by lush green valleys, End point overlooks the gently flowing Swarna River.

The panoramic view of the vast, unending Arabian sea to the west and contrastingly, the grandeur of the Western Ghats in the east is a regal sight! This place dons a fresh look particularly during the monsoons, when the valleys turn into a deeper shade of green. This place is personification of serenity. One can spend hours here in nature's company.

There is also a garden and a pebbled walking track as an added benefit to the visitors. The walk to the lookout point from the entrance is about 2 kms. You can enjoy a stroll with your loved ones and friends.