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Udupi district, which stands as a symbol for temple and cultural tradition, is a small district comprising three taluks. On the west it is bounded by the roaring sea and to its east reclines the dense green Sahyadri mountain ranges. The district is blessed with a fairly 100 km long beautiful coastline. Malpe forms the only big natural port which, of late, is developing into a large fishing port. It has the distinction of being the biggest port that supplies the sea products to the State as well as other States of the Country. Dotted with tall coconut trees, the St. Mary's Island (locally known as Thonse Par) and the neighbouring island Bahadurgadh are the tourist attractions located about 10 km from Malpe beach. Kapu which is 11 km from Udupi is yet another attraction with gorgeous beach and a light house built during the British period. Maravanthe, is another tourist spot, where the national highway passes quietly. The river Sauparnika flows glutted with water towards the right, while, the sea roaring on the left looks as though kissing the beach. The turtle rearing centre on the beach of Maravanthe attracts the tourists, nature lovers and those who are interested in exploring biodiversity. The bird sanctuary located in the Sitanadi between Hebri and Someshwara is an enticing place for bird lovers. Jomlu Theertha, a nearby rocky place has always lured the people who have fascination for trekking. If one climbs Agumbe ghats, after crossing Hebri-Someshwara, the sunset scene offers an awesome experience. It is no exaggeration that Udupi district is the home for Yakshagana - a folk art famed both in the Country and abroad. Kakanda Srinivasa Udupa and Shridhara Hande are credited for leading Saligrama children's Yakshagana troupe to the foreign countries, for the first time from Udupi and it is considered as the pride of the district.

Udupi district, which is amidst the vast greenery is often the place preferred by nature lovers. It is equally true that this district is a unique spiritual centre for devotees and optimists alike. Udupi district acclaimed for its captivating temples, holy places is also lauded by tourists and nature lovers for its bountiful places for rejoicing. The district abounds in Temples, Churches, Masjids, Jain monuments, the charming beaches, historical places, cultural and educational centres, along with diversified human lives, protected forests and water falls.