Jain Math Basadi

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Jain Math Basadi - Moodabidri


Shri Jain Math Basadi houses charming idols of two "Siddhas" (a semi divine being) cut in pur crystals in "Khadag-Asanaa" posture. Also the ancient statues of 24 jain Theerthankaras found here are made of sandal wood. The statue of the presiding deity, Shri Swami Parshwanatha in standing position(Kayothsarga) is one feet tall.

Jain Matha Basadi also contains a statue of Mother Kooshmandini Devi. Kooshmandini Devi is largely worshipped and is venerated daily. Her statue is artfully made of an alloy of five metals called as "Panchloha".

Special poojas are held on Tuesdays at this basadi. There is also facilities for free meals for the visiting pilgrims.