Kangilu - Udupi


Kangilu Kunitha is found in Udupi and Mangalore Taluk, but only in some parts of the region. This Kangilu Kunitha is a traditional folk dance of Udupi District, which belongs to Mundal and Gowda community . This folk dance is held during full moon of day, even their customs are continued.

Kangilu Kunitha is one of the powerful and spiritual folk dance. Before starting this folk dance they offers pooja to Durga god. When the pooja is going on these folk people start getting ready to perform. In Kapu Mari guddi these folk people, before performing they offer seve to the god and then they start their act.

The Kunitha people are of 5 to 12 members. These 12 people put uniform way of vesha [character]. People have a belief that if Kangilu kunitha is done, their problems, diseases and all the negative power goes off. At the end of the folk dance the food which was made of rice, coconut, etc are taken home and it should be cooked outside the house and offer the prepared food to the Mari god. There is a belief that if this Kangilu Kunitha is not done every year, problems will occur in that place. The song begins with Kangilu song 'Karungilo' and ends with 'Aati Kalenje' song. If they conduct Kangilu Kunitha every year, it will create peace, harmony and good health to the people of the village.