Leppada Basadi

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Leppada Basadi - Moodabidri


Jain basadi at Moodabidri are named locally, either after those who built them or after their characteristics. Take for example, Leppada Basadi. Leppa in Kannada means Clay. Hence Leppada Basadi is a temple which houses the idols made of clay! However the outside structure of the temple is built with stones.

The gigantic 45 feet tall Manasthambha at the entrance is an eye catcher. This pillar is erected upon a pedestal in the generous front yard of the basadi. The main deity is that of Swami Chandranatha. On either side of this deity are idols of "Yaksha","Yakshi" named "Shyama","Yaksha","Jwalamalini" each standing 5 feet tall in a dancing pose, holding hand fans and lotus in their hands. All these idols are made of Clay. Yakshi Jwalamalini is quite revered by the locals and devotees. People from far and near come to seek the blessings of this Yakshi.

The statue of Chandranatha Swami, installed in the innermost sanctum sanctorum, is in a meditative posture.

The religious services at this basadi are undertaken by the royal family of the Chowta Palace. Leppada Basadi is very close to Kallu Basadi. the distance can be easily covered by foot.