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Locations & Boundaries

Geographically the Udupi district is separated from the rest of the South Indian Peninsula by the Western Ghats. It spreads from the Western Ghats towards the sea to the west. The undivided Dakshina Kannada almost had a straight coastal line running for 76 nautical miles (141 km). The newly formed Udupi district has a coastal line which extends for about 100 km and is broken at numerous points by rivers, rivulets, creeks and bays. The district lies between 130 05' and 130 55' North latitude and 740 40' and 750 07' East longitude.

The district is bounded by Uttara Kannada district on the north, Shimoga and Chikmagalur districts on the east, Dakshina Kannada on the south and Arabian Sea on the west.