Mahadev Shetty Basadi

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Mahadev Shetty Basadi - Moodabidri


Mahadev Shetty Basadi or Madi Basadi gets its name from the builder Mahadev Shetty. This beautifully built basadi houses the statue of presiding deity Shri Adinatha Tirthankara. This statue carved in black stone is five feet tall and is in the standing position. The metallic disk arching over this statue is an interesting feature. There are small cut idols of the Jain Tirthankaras on this arch. The work is intricately designed.

Jain Basadis are always a feast to the eyes. Be it the temple architecture or the idols that house within the basadi. A visit to these basadi is worth the effort.

Mahadev Shetty Basadi is at a walking distance of 2 minutes from "Kallu Basadi".