Manastambha Hiriyangadi


Manastambha Hiriyangadi - Karkala

The construction of the Nemisvara-Chaityalaya at Karkala is attributed in an inscription of Bhairava I, who established the hegemony of the Kalasa house over Karkala region for the first time, in the later half of the fourteenth century. His grandson, Pandya by name, got erected the manastambha, towards the middle of the fifteenth century. Installed in front of the Neminatha Basadi, this colossal manastambha has been constructed over a platform with conventional moldings in a stepped pyramidal order.

For the colossal pillar, the square chamfered base appears to be small. The shaft is divided into as many as ten registers of which, the lower portion is a square base followed by circular corrugated register and five other registers with circular bands. The apex of the shaft is treated with series of tassels over which a slightly of bulbous tip accommodates a multifaceted, stellate capital ove-

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-r which a huge palagai or abacus carries a small turreted shrine. Inside the shrine is an exquisitely carved Yaksha seated in padmasana. The entire manastambha measures 16.5 m in height.