Puttige Mutt


Puttige Mutt - Udupi


Next to Sode Mutt in the southern portion of the Car Street is Puttige Mutt. The main branch of this Mutt is in the village by name Puttige. The main icon illuminating Shree Puthige Matha is the Lord Panduranga Vittala given by Acharya Madhva.

The idol of Vittal with Rukmini and Satyabhama gifted to the first pontiff Sri Upendra Thirtha by the Acharya Madhwa is worshipped here. The idol has a smiling face with conch in one hand. The other hand with abhaya mudra is placed on the waist. Since other two Mutts also have the idol of Vittala, the idol of this Mutt is known as Upendra Cvithala to distinguish this from the other idols as the one worshipped by the pontiff Upendra thirtha.

One of the original disciples of Acharya Madhwa was Shree Upendra Theertha. He was very dear to Acharya Madhva and served him with a lot of devotion. When the Acharya and his disciples were on their second pilgrimage to Badri, they were attacked by a band of robbers. Under the Acharya's inspiration and with his blessings, Shree Upendra Teertha fought with the robbers and single-handedly drove them away. Such was the power of the grace of Acharya on Shree Upendra Teertha. Acharya gave Shree Upendra Teertha an icon of Lord Panduranga Vittala.

The 29th swamiji in the lineage Sri Sugunendra Tirtha is the present pontiff. He was initiated into the order at the age of 13 on the 8th April, 1974.