St. Lawrence Church


St. Lawrence Church - Attur

St. Lawrence Church is located at the foothill of 'Parpale Hill' in a little village called Attur which is about 5kms west of Karkala bus stand St. Lawrence Church Karkala is more than two centuries old. St. Lawrence is widely worshipped and it is said that all those who come to Him with the faith and devotion have always got their prayers answered.

Many pilgrims flock this church all year round, although one sees a remarkable number of devotees thronging the place during the month of January for the feasts.

The beautiful twin gates at the entrance welcomes one into the holy place. There is a pond called "Pushkarini", built in the vicinity with facility for the devotees to descend into it. The main church itself is a large hall b-

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-uilt in order to accommodate the large number of worshippers attending the Annual Feast.

There is a small shrine adjacent to the sacristy, where one finds the miraculous statue of St.Lawrence. There is a 100 feet high tower erected which represents religious art of various regions. It was built in the year 1997 symbolising the acceptance of people of different faiths and beliefs.