Shri Shankar Narayana Temple


Shri Shankar Narayana Temple - Kodavoor


Kodavooru is a small town belonging to the temple city of Udupi in Karnataka, India. Home to Lord Shankaranarayana Temple and many other small sacred Hindu temples, it has a long history of its own.

Legend has it that Kroda Muni, a Hindu saint, had his ashram here and was doing 'thapassu' here for the good of the world, thus the name Krodasharama, which then converted into Krodavooru.

Yearly car festival of Lord Shankaranarayana is performed for 9 days and consists of the Rathotsava i.e. the Chariot seve, Pooje performed under different Ashwatha Trees in different places of the village called Kattepooje. This is the only time Lord Shankaranarayana is brought out of the temple to the devotee's house. The Lord is carried in the Silver Pallakki and is taken to the devotee's home.

This temple is also dedicated to the god like Ganapathi. (There are two Ganapathi's, one inside the temple and one near the river which flows behind the temple, popularly known as "Tudekatte Ganapathi" in Tulu, Durgamata, Lord Shiva, Raghavendra Mata, Nagabana, Brahmadeva, Nandi. A unique feature of this temple town of Udupi is that all the temples have only one Nandi. Kodavooru temple is the only temple which has two Nandi's. So, beside the car festival of Lord Shankaranarayana, all the Festivals such as Ganesha Chauthi (Gana homa's), Navaratri (especially Chandika homa's) are performed here.