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Temperature will be very low in the early part of January and gradually increases in the subsequent months. By mid February or early March, there will be sufficient increase in temperature. The coastal part records the highest temperature during the month of May and the average day temperature in the coast will be 31 - 32 C in January. While in Ghats section and Malnad areas it will be 28 - 32 C.Generally, most part of the State will have higher temperature during the month of May, when it reaches 35 to 36C in the coastal part and the temperature gradually decreases after May.At the same time, in the coastal parts the temperature reaches as much as 28 C. The ghats and Malnad areas will record 22 -24 C. An interesting feature is that in the Malnad area which extends from the coast up to Hassan, the maximum temperature reached during July is less than what it enjoys during the month of January. The sky is cloudy and intermittent rains are common during July. But the sky will be clear with intense sunlight after January. The temperature reaches maximum in the coastal parts and Malnad areas by October, though the temperature in both day and night increases during April and May, the highest day temperature is recorded during the month of December.While the average day temperature in the coastal part during January touches 20 C., it will come down to 13 - 14 C. in the ghats and Malnad parts. The lowest temperature recorded so far in the coast is 16 - 18 C. It is interesting to note that the average temperature (i.e. the difference between the average highest day temperature and the lowest day temperature) is lowest in the coastal part ( about 6 C.). The average annual temperature (average 12 months temperature) of ghats and Malnad areas is 18-28 C. and that of coast is 27 C.