Malpe Beach The beach is the main attraction of Malpe,
it is the favorite hangout spot. Water sport activities like boating and paragliding are available on the beach.
It is the first Indian beach with 24/7 free internet over WiFi.

Temple History

Bhota Kola

Is an annual ritual where ancestral spirits such as Bobbariya, Kalkudca & Kallurti; spirits of heroes such as Koti & Cennayya, animals such as the wild boar Panjurli, the tiger Pilicamuni or deities such as Jumai, Malaraya, Cani, Bermeru etc. Nemotsava

Car Festival
Car Festival is one of the major festivals of Udupi celebrated on the 'Makara Sankranti' day in the month of Makara (January 15) in the car street. The festival is celebrated for 7 days and so is called 'Saptotsav'.


Shri Krishna Temple Is the famous Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shree Krishna.
Surrounding the Sri Krishna Mutt there are Chandreshwara and Ananteshwara temples, the most ancient being made of basic wood and stone of 1,500 years origin.

Temple History

Kaup Beach
Is a beautiful place located 6kms to the west of Udupi at the mouth of Udyavara river. It is a natual port of Karnataka cost. Here the sea is much more rougher and intimidating compared to the Malpe beach in Udupi.
It is famous for its lighthouse and a fort built by Tippu Sultan.

Rajatadri - DC Office Complex
‘Rajathadri’ DC Office Complex is situated at Manipal. The complex was built to accomodate more than 35 Goverment Departments.


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